Step 9

I created a Get function and an input page and was able to input on one page and it showed up on the next page! Additionally, I created a Post function and was able to do the same as the Get. But with Get it shows up in the browser and with post it does not. So exciting.
I also created For Each Loops and While Loops. You can see all of this in the zipped websites folder I attached in Canvas. A For Loop will run as many times as you tell it to. A While Loop will run as long as something is true.
Today I learned how to make a mysql database through byu domains. This is where data will be stored for our site.
I would give myself a 10/10 because I was early, and effectively applied what I’ve been learning to my project. I also learned a lot of things.

[ ] square brackets are for lists, arrays
{ } Curly brackets are to mark class, function, loop and control structure bodies.
( ) parenthesis are for functions

Step 8

This week I read a chapter on files, streams, and networking programming and database programming. I followed my Learning Contract. I’m working to take what I’ve been learning with arrays and apply it to my project. Since a website of lists is what I’m trying to create. I would give myself a 9/10 because I did it on time and I’m reading and watching but still working to apply and figure it out.

Step 7

I’m on time this week! I watched Youtube videos about Arrays. I read chapters on Arrays and Web Programming. The ebook made this bold statement, “Arrays are the undisputed kings of advanced data structures in PHP.” I can’t wait to figure them out and use them. I’m still a little bit confused by them.
The Web Programming chapter addressed security issues. It specifically talked about cookies, caching, submitting a form with the GET method or the POST method. Submitting forms uses an array. It was helpful to see an application of an array.
I tried out some arrays and read the chapters outlined in my Contract. See the attached zipped file in Canvas. I would give myself an 9/10 because I’ve done the work but I’m still unsure as to the application. I’m going to start including more notes on this page. I keep a google doc of notes too.

/* Short Array Syntax
$a = [10, 20, 30];
$a = [‘a’ => 10, ‘b’ => 20, ‘cee’ => 30];
$a = [5 => 1, 3 => 2, 1 => 3,];
$a = [];*/

Step 6

I watched a few Youtube videos on using single quotes, comments, concatenation, Math operators, If statements, Else and Elself statements. I read the chapters on strings and patterns. I am struggling to understand how this will apply to my webpage. I tried some of it out. I would give myself a 5/10 because it was late and I did not apply what I learned. The zipped file that I uploaded to Canvas contains some of the PHP I tried this week.

Step 5

I have started reading Zend PHP 5 on Safari Books online. This week I read chapters 1 and 2. I have also been watching youtube videos about PHP. It’s a series of PHP for beginners:
I would give myself a 5/10 because I was late and I did not do anything to apply what I read/watched to my website.