Step 2

Last week I watched all of the HTML tutorials. This week I have started watching CSS tutorials. To start, McKay and I decided that we want to map out the webpages in google docs. Then we can start writing the HTML code and inserting the content. The google doc I submitted on Canvas shows the beginning of our paper prototyping. I would give myself a 10/10. However, I need to change my Learning Contract to include php.

Step 1


The result of HTML Tutorials
I would give myself a 10/10

Learn basic HTML Tags, Attributes, Values
I watched all of the Tutorials 1-5 instead of just 1-3 from Little Web Hut Youtube Tutorials:

Here is what I have created so far. I have learned more about HTML than evidenced here. I don’t want to add unnecessary items until I am more set on what the repository will look like.



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