Final Project

Grade your project using the following criteria:

Functionality (20/20): My project is very functional. It will be used in the IP&T 334 & 444 classes as outlined in my learning contract and on the website’s welcome page. There is a natural and obvious progression from 1 page to another. The user can choose what pages to visit based on the tabs at the top. Data is input through the submit page and is uploaded to the specific subject page. When the data is submitted there is a personalized welcome message and a return Home button. It would be nice to someday make it so that the submitted projects are organized alphabetically on the subject pages. Just to enhance the organization. I like that the project is viewed through a URL so that users can explore each other’s websites and hopefully find more useful information. The HBLL suggested that we link their databases to our website too so that there are more resources available to users.
Screencast (8/8): See the attachment in Canvas
Usability (8/8): The flow of the product makes sense and is easy to use. The buttons at the top, change color when the mouse hovers over them. This makes it clear what is being selected. There is a return to home button after projects are submitted.
Aesthetics (4/4): I think it looks attractive and professional.
I learned a ton doing this project. I went from knowing absolutely nothing to being able to apply many HTML, CSS and PHP projects. I still have a lot to learn but I’d say this project is a 40/40 based on the above mentioned criteria.

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