Step 4

Here are my files:

This week I was supposed to continue working with CSS. I finished all of the Little Web Huts last week and so watched a different video instead. I learn better by watching and listening rather than just reading. Ben in our class also shared the sites: and bootstrap css to use in the future.
I watched a youtube video on creating responsive websites with HTML and CSS.

    I learned how to make a header with a picture and a navigation bar and a footer.
    I styled the background color and font colors.
    I styled with margins and padding.
    It is also a responsive site.

It was a lot of code and time, but I feel like I accomplished and learned so much!
There were times when my code wasn’t working because I forgot a semi-colon or didn’t have the correct capitalizations. I am realizing how easy it is to forget something small like that and how it affects everything. Keeping your coding clean with indenting makes a big difference when double checking things. I am going to be changing the next steps on my learning contract to add php.

I would give myself a 10/10.

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