Step 7

I’m on time this week! I watched Youtube videos about Arrays. I read chapters on Arrays and Web Programming. The ebook made this bold statement, “Arrays are the undisputed kings of advanced data structures in PHP.” I can’t wait to figure them out and use them. I’m still a little bit confused by them.
The Web Programming chapter addressed security issues. It specifically talked about cookies, caching, submitting a form with the GET method or the POST method. Submitting forms uses an array. It was helpful to see an application of an array.
I tried out some arrays and read the chapters outlined in my Contract. See the attached zipped file in Canvas. I would give myself an 9/10 because I’ve done the work but I’m still unsure as to the application. I’m going to start including more notes on this page. I keep a google doc of notes too.

/* Short Array Syntax
$a = [10, 20, 30];
$a = [‘a’ => 10, ‘b’ => 20, ‘cee’ => 30];
$a = [5 => 1, 3 => 2, 1 => 3,];
$a = [];*/

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