Step 9

I created a Get function and an input page and was able to input on one page and it showed up on the next page! Additionally, I created a Post function and was able to do the same as the Get. But with Get it shows up in the browser and with post it does not. So exciting.
I also created For Each Loops and While Loops. You can see all of this in the zipped websites folder I attached in Canvas. A For Loop will run as many times as you tell it to. A While Loop will run as long as something is true.
Today I learned how to make a mysql database through byu domains. This is where data will be stored for our site.
I would give myself a 10/10 because I was early, and effectively applied what I’ve been learning to my project. I also learned a lot of things.

[ ] square brackets are for lists, arrays
{ } Curly brackets are to mark class, function, loop and control structure bodies.
( ) parenthesis are for functions

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